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This made me want to fricking cry. WHY are some people so full of hate? Just looking at it again makes me shudder. And they have the, the audacity to call themselves a church. I thought God loved everyone. I guess I was wrong. Ugh. I DON'T GET IT. What on earth did homosexuals, or Swedes, for that matter, do to this group of people? What makes them deserve this? And HOW can a church be condoning this? If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go be ill. ~me~ at 5:07 PM
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Ok, you guys have convinced me. I guess I'll keep updating here.

Well, it's almost a new year. I've been thinking, and looking back on my year.

Most of the early months I don't remember much, and what I write is dependant on the quality and quantity of my blog entries.


Highs: Um. January was a long time ago. And I made two posts. I don't quite recall very much. Let's just skip January, eh?


Highs: Quiz Bowl in full swing! Whoo hoo!
Overall: Another month with few posts and few memories.


Highs: For all my science class was AHHHHH!Horrible, I did get to work with Eric and Julie, and I quite like both of them.
Lows: I was feeling pretty drained and ready for break.
Overall: Oh, my science class sucked. Oh, it was bad. Everyone in it except for about four or five people were literally special ed. We had an aide in the classroom. It was horrid. Other than that, though, things were going all right, if I could only manage a bit of sleep every now and then.


Highs: Spring break! Yay! And, my parents and the rest of my family left for three days and I had the entire house to myself. Rock!
Lows: A bit of a mini break-down towards the end of the month. I don't quite remember what caused it, but I was under an enormous amount of stress (huge research project {ended up being ~30 pages} due, other school work, issues with my dad even then, etc.) and not getting a lot of sleep, which most likely contributed to it. Oh, and Alex asked me out. *shudders*. He wasn't physically attractive (at ALL), AND was absolutely as dumb as a rock. He was in my science class (which tells you something...), and once my teacher asked if anyone had slept in an igloo. He raised his hand, and said that he had "except it was a hotel"
Overall: Not great. I've had a lot of better months. However, I've also had worse ones.


Highs: Finished research paper. Felt very reflective and introspective, which is always interesting.
Lows: Seniors graduated, which was very sad. Last ATYP class, which was also sad.
Overall: A good month. No major angst here, but I learned a great deal about myself and others.


Highs: School's out! Harry Potter! Took SATs and got 780 verbal! Started driver's ed!
Lows: This was a good month. I couldn't think of any.
Overall: I think :D about sums it up. I really love June. It's summer and bright and green and happy, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable.


Highs: Mission trip. Wow. Probably the most deeply spiritual week of my life. Also, band starts.
Lows: What lows are there in the summer months? No school+nice weather=no stress-->Happy!Penni!
Overall: Good month. Yay!


Highs: Still hanging on to the last bit of summer. First DI meeting.
Lows: School starts.
Overall: Not bad. Not great, but nowhere near the worst I've seen.


Highs: My birthday! Yay! The fair! Yay! Watching Kerry kick butt in the debates! Yay!
Lows: OMGSTRESS from school and ATYP and band. I really did NOT have time to sleep. I'd grab a bite to eat in the car going from something to something else.
Overall: OMGSTRESS, but not as bad as it's been. There was enough fun and friends to balance it.


Highs: Learning a bit about myself. I had a nice post about how I was strong and did the right thing (in this case, not cheating on a test).
Lows: Oh, gosh. This is when the badness started. At the beginning of the month, my parents and my brother were in their car crash. At the very end of the month. Nadine. It still fucking hurts, and I didn't even know her. I don't know how Mike and Eric and the rest of them are getting through it.
Overall: A lot of bad happened, but I pretty much stayed positive.


Highs: Umm.
Lows: Oh, where do I start? Election, drama like whoa in my friend's lives, crappy weather, band over, angst with David, 5th chair in band, two points away from failing exam, news about homophobes beating up my lovely, etc.
Overall: The worst month of my life. I was depressed, to the point of skipping classes, not doing homework, not eating, and not caring about much of anything.


Highs: It not being November anymore! Christmas! Braces off!
Lows: More, different, angst with David. Geez.
Overall: If it were any other month, it wouldn't have been a great one. But since it was right after November, it was an AMAZINGLY good one. Yay!

Year in Review

This has been a tough year. I've gone through difficult stuff, stuff that I've never had to deal with before. However, I've learned a lot too, and I've become so much stronger for what I've overcome. I've got some wonderful new friends, and if some people who used to be my best friends no longer receive the best, well, things change. Thanks to all of you for helping to be a part of all the highs, and for getting me through the lows.

I'm listening to: Coldplay, Trouble ~me~ at 2:22 AM
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This is dumb. No one reads this, and I have other places to write. If you'd like me to continue to post here, leave me a comment. Please, don't comment if you don't really care. If no comments, I'm hereby dropping this journal. ~me~ at 6:49 PM
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I just thought I'd match up the good and bad points of Blogger, Xanga, and LJ. - = don't have feature, 0 = have it but it sucks, x=they have it and it's decent, X=they have it and it's good.


Managing friends:..............0...........-.........X


User pics:........................0...........0.........x for normal, X for paid

Commenting notification:....0...........x.........x/X

Feeling of community IMO:.x...........-.........X

Finding people:................x...........0.........x

Ease of HTML use:...........0...........x/X.......x/X

Controlling who
sees your entries:..........x...........-.........X

Posting ease:...............x...........X.........X

Preview feature:............-...........x.........x

Misc. Features:.............x...........0.........X

Ok, so - = -1, 0=0, x=1, x/X=1.5 and X=2. Xanga comes out to 3, Blogger has 5.5, and LJ has 17.5. Wow.

~me~ at 10:46 PM
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Whoohoo! Braces off today! My teeth feel really really smooth, and kind of slimy. I'm not a big fan of the permanant retainers, because they really rather shred up my tounge--or at least they do now, hopefully I'll get used to it soon. But, I know I'd lose the other kind, so I guess I'll have to deal. I might post some pictures later if I can get hold of a digital camera.

And ARGH I hate people reading over my shoulder *HINT HINT HINT*

And answers to the lyrics meme will be coming as soon as I get a second online longer than it takes to update.

I'm listening to: Centrefolds, by Placebo. And yes, it is CentREfolds, as they are British. ~me~ at 9:11 PM
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Whoo hoo for smart funny people, eh? Nothing makes me happier than reading funny things that actually make sense and are all satirical. ~me~ at 6:25 PM
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Because I'm lame like whoa:

Lyrics meme: I shuffle my playlist and write out lyrics from the first twenty songs I hear. You guys guess what they are. (Some of these are probably going to be darn near impossible...) No cheating!! If they aren't all guessed in a week, I'll post the answers.

1) Gravity / no escaping / gravity / gravity / no escaping / not for free
2) So you go and you stand on your own / and you leave on your own / and you cry and wanted to die
3) I thought I knew you / once again / you use me / use me up
4) Painful realization / that all has gone wrong / and nobody cares at all This Brilliant Dance, Dashboard Confessional. Guessed by Kate
5) Fly to the moon / and straight on to heaven / coz without you / they're never going to let me in
6) Since I was born / I started to decay / now nothing ever ever / goes my / way
7) Hearing voices telling me/ that I should get some sleep / because tomorrow might be good for something
8) Farmer, Farmer / put away your DDT / I don't care about spots on my apples / leave me the birds and the bees
9) And the arguments are/ disputed after school / in the parking lot as / the teachers bend the rules
10) I'm endlessly caving in / and turning inside out / because I want it now
11) Tilling my own grave to keep it level / jam another dragon down the hole
12) Gertrude Stein said that's enough / (I know that that's not enough now)
13) You are fire / when I could have been your star / you listened to people / who scared you to death and from my heart
14) I'm awake in the infinite cold / but you sing to me o- / ver and over again _____, by Switchfoot. Partially guessed by Kate
15) Lips are turning blue / a kiss that can't renew / I only dream of you / so beautiful
16) So sleep tonight / in idle dreams / the pain will drown / your silent screams
17) This town is crazy / no one cares
18) You caught me in the middle / dazed and confused / I was following the good steps /fancy free and footlose
19) If I promised you oceans / would you care for the notion / of staying here / and resting your / weary head
20) They say a hero could save us / I'm not going to stand here and wait Hero, but I'm not even sure who it's by anymore, because everywhere I have this posted people have said a different answer. I think it's by Chad Kroger of Nickleback. Guessed by Kate anyway. ~me~ at 5:11 PM
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